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21 May 2010

Video Diary #11: The Rock Garden at Ryoanji


One of the first places we visited in Kyoto was the famous rock garden at Ryoanji. It was quite crowded, but still very impressive.

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17 May 2010

Video Diary #10: The Ropeway to Kankakei


Kankakei is a very pretty rock gorge overlooking the Inland Sea from the island of Shodoshima. To get up there, you either need to take a long road that winds its way around to the peak, or else you hop in the Ropeway car and get hauled to the top. We choose the ropeway, since […]

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12 May 2010

Sightseeing in Hiroshima


Hiroshima Distance: 0 miles Total Distance: 257 miles Photo Gallery Well, we’ve had a wonderful day here in Hiroshima, and despite not going to a lot of tourist spots I think we got a nice feel for the city. We spent the first part of the day taking advantage of the free tea, coffee, and […]

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9 May 2010

New Friends in Tsuwano


Hagi to Tsuwano Distance:37 miles Total Distance:170 miles Tsuwano Photo Album Today was a short day on the bike (only 37 miles…we’re still building up our riding legs and getting used to all this weight!), but ended up being long all the same–for VERY good reasons this time! We woke up very early after sleeping […]

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6 May 2010

First day on the road – Fukuoka to Kita-kyushu


Fukuoka to Kita-kyushu Distance: 48 miles Total Distance: 48 miles Vicky and I both woke up early today (we’re still a little jet lagged so for once in my life I’m following the “early to bed, early to rise” maxim). Unfortunately, this didn’t translate into an early departure from Fukuoka, as we had a bit […]

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