Hi everyone,

Sorry for the late / infrequent updates over the past couple of weeks. Vicky and I are having a wonderful time as our trip winds down, but we still haven’t had many opportunities to update the blog. After almost 2200 miles of riding, we finally made it to Cape Soya (the northernmost point of Japan) and then down to the city of Wakkanai for a few days. While in Wakkanai, we took a couple of days to go hiking on Rishiri island (climbed to the top of Rishiri-Fuji @ 1721 meters and our legs are still sore :(). Other than that, we’ve just been dealing with a horrendous logistical maze to get us, our bikes, and our baggage all back to Tokyo and then San Diego.

Unfortunately, we lost our netbook on the train from Wakkanai to Sapporo, so we won’t be able to put up any more pictures for a while. Thank you to everyone for following our journey so far–hopefully it won’t be too long before we can fill you all in on the rest of our adventure!