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28 June 2010

Lost in transition


Hi everyone, Sorry for the late / infrequent updates over the past couple of weeks. Vicky and I are having a wonderful time as our trip winds down, but we still haven’t had many opportunities to update the blog. After almost 2200 miles of riding, we finally made it to Cape Soya (the northernmost point […]

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28 June 2010

Sakkuru to Hamatonbetsu: north along a beautiful coast


Sakkuru to Hamatonbetsu Distance: 56 miles Total Distance: 2117 miles Another day spent avoiding mosquitoes! We woke up early from the hot sun beating down on our tent and packed up pretty quickly, spurred on by a cloud of mosquitoes that swarmed as soon as we stepped outside. We had a quick breakfast inside the […]

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