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Vicky and I had another great day in Sapporo, resting up a little more and then walking around the Odori Park area. We spent the late morning touring the botanic gardens (very nice, but more focused on scientific labeling than aesthetics), and then had ramen (a Sapporo specialty) and went shopping for new books to read. Along the way, we wandered through Odori Koen which was full of people out enjoying the nice summer weather.

Tomorrow we’re heading north for the national park of Daisetsu-zan and the highest mountain in Hokkaido. It will take us a few days to get there, but we’ll go through some beautiful country along the way!


Alpine garden with city in the background


Lily pad growing out of the water


People out for a walk in Odori Park


Women in kimono doing their Sunday shopping


Butter corn ramen--a Sapporo specialty!