Oshamambe to Lake Toya
Distance: 46 miles
Total Distance: 1662 miles
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Today was another great day for us–lots of beautiful scenery, friendly people, and a nice campsite and bath at the end of the day! We started in Oshamambe, rode through the fog over a mountain pass to a small fishing village on the coast, and then had another long climb up to Lake Toya. On the way to the lake, we stopped and toured an area that had been devastated by volcanic activity in 2000, while I was still in Hakodate. It was so sad to see the remnants of houses and roads left after the eruptions.

From there, we went on to Lake Toya and found a great campsite and bath at the far side of the lake. Before we fell asleep, we watched the nightly fireworks from Toya-onsen!


Vicky met a very nice woman in Oshamambe whose son did a similar bike ride a couple of years ago


After our first climb of the day, we came down to a beautiful coastline


Trees on the hills lining our second climb of the day


A volcano! Why didn't anyone warn me about this!?!


Houses destroyed in the 2000 eruption


A swan in front of one of the smaller volcanoes around Toya-ko


The late evening sky at Toya-ko