Gifu to Mino
Distance: 25 miles
Total Distance: 733 miles
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The day started off with a couple of major decisions. First, we realized that we would not be able to do the Norikura -> Takayama -> Matsumoto -> Nagano section of our trip because of road closures and bad weather. Second, we had to go on a necessary shopping trip: we really, really needed to get better rain gear before we could go any farther. After suiting up properly, we headed north for the mountains.

The day ended with some nice camping and an unexpected new friend!


This shows how we felt as we set out again in the rain (with new jackets though!)


A random bike path took us along a river here


View of the river next to our campsite in Mino


Our new friend at the road station in Mino healed us using Chinese "hand power"