Two weeks to go! It’s hard to believe we’re so close to leaving.

Cooking and eating supplies With the looming deadline comes the realization that our final packing list is still incomplete. We’ve gone through a few different checklists, but never reached the definitive “this is everything we’re taking with us” point. This weekend, we decided we could no longer put it off. We ditched our weekly group ride and dedicated the day to going through all of our equipment in detail.

The end result is the spreadsheet below (along with some photos).  Feel free to copy and make use of it for your own trip, and leave any comments below–we’d love to know what you added or removed!

Here are some photos of our stuff… click on any picture to see it larger in the photo album.

The bike gear:

Bike stuff

First aid – just in case:

First aid

Personal care items – only the bare necessities:

Personal items

Our accommodations for 10 weeks:

Camping gear

Cooking and eating supplies:

Cooking and eating supplies

Electronics to help us not get (too) lost. Plus a netbook so we can write posts for the blog:


Vicky’s camera gear:

Camera & gear

Kelly’s clothes:

Kelly's clothes

Vicky’s clothes:

Vicky's clothes

What would you add or leave behind? Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions: