After countless hours poring over maps and guidebooks, we have finally finished planning the route for our trip. The total length is almost exactly 2,500 miles (we’re conveniently ignoring extra distance for getting lost).

You can see the routes here. The main map is a high-level overview, so to see the street level you have to click on individual routes. The Google maps tool starts having issues once the route goes over a certain length, so we had to break them up.

      Except for the journey through Tohoku (northern Honshu, roughly from Tokyo to Morioka), this route is based almost completely on the wonderfully detailed descriptions on If you have some time, take a few minutes to read through a few pages in the “Length of Japan” section–V and I couldn’t help feeling even more excited about our trip after reading about the summer festival in Gujo (“While dancing, forget everyday life and also forget yourself. Forget everything and express your deep feelings!”) and the beaches near Unomichi (“If you are feeling lucky, you can try to dig some oysters. Residents might even lend you a digging tool.
      How about some spaghetti with olive oil and oysters for your evening camping meal?”).

      Some of the things I’m really looking forward to after planning this route:

      Now that we have a basic route set out, V and I feel much more confident in estimating the time (and money) we’ll need to complete the trip. If anyone else finds the maps useful, please let us know!